99 loving someone you can’t be with


Loving someone you can’t be with


Loving someone you can’t be with

Will often cause pain and sorrow

From a future that once held promise and hope

To now where there is no tomorrow.


Perfection it seemed was so close at hand

In a relationship filled with such love

That its loss now seems to only bring tears

And no help from the Heavens above.


The loss of parent, the loss of child

Or a romance that suddenly turns cold

A heart that is broken by a beast and a fool

Was not how this was meant to unfold.


For those that you cared though now gone

Will always stay in your heart and your mind.

And though it is hard that loss will depart

But know that great love you’ll still find.


Though with broken heart and tears in your eyes

You may think there cannot be any other.

Whether the loss in your life was your daughter or son

Or your father, or mother, or brother.


Each was here and they loved you

So please remember all that they gave

Don’t close all doors and withdraw from the world

Instead please have hope and be brave.


For there really is not just one soul mate

And another child may come

To a home cold and lonely and waiting

For the coming of a daughter or son.


Terry Fox showed the world his great courage

He made both of his parents so proud

And you too can choose tears and sadness

Or to rejoice in a voice clear and loud.


Of the love that you gave and were given

Of the love that you shared for a while

So gently then move to the future

And remember the loss with a smile.


T. M. Thompson

 September 8, 2010


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